History of GFI

New Me

Message from the Founder: 

There was a time in my life where God was using me to help with a mission to rid the world of obesity, one individual at a time. I was partnered with a very spirited individual who was especially motivated to “Get Fit for Jesus.” While I was inspired and humbled by this partnership, God let me know that I must do my part in making sure the Will of the Father comes to pass.

In January of 2017, God reminded me that His Will still must be done, and He gave me a new direction to make it happen. GFI will not only focus on physical fitness, but also on mental fitness, spiritual fitness, and community fitness. GFI will be a means to introduce spirituality to some people, reinforce the faith of others, and just inspire and motivate anyone who is trying to REACH THE UNREACHABLE, both on a personal level and within whole communities.

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